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Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad

I’m an older person who has been retired from a mid-size construction company. The company does single and multi-unit residential developments as well as light commercial buildings. My twenty-one years with the company was spent mostly in management, so I have some experience.

I was looking for something to do that would help me financially, so after checking out some internet marketing opportunities I wound up here. My income has begun to shrink over the last 2 years and I didn’t want to have to reduce my simple lifestyle to the same levels as a lot of retirees. That being said, I decided that the MLMSPro was the way to go. It’s helped me. I felt that I could help people who have either lost their job or are living on a fixed income by leading them to some valuable learning tools in the same way I was.

Now back to an earlier time. I graduated from Princeton High in Princeton, New Jersey and after a short summer vacation, joined the Marine Corps. After boot camp, I went to airborne aviation electronics school. There I learned about aircraft electrical systems, radio, radar and airborne fire control systems. I also took and passed a college GED, which I hoped would help me qualify educationally for the Marines flight training school. I qualified For the school and went on the waiting list for admission (I’m still waiting!).

I got to see a good amount of the far east, never got to Hawaii, sailed past it twice. I was a sergeant when my contract was up, so I came back to New Jersey, got married a couple of years later, had four children. Went back to school nights, while I worked as a carpenter’s helper, to learn about computers and computer programming.

After graduating I landed a job with a large chemical company spent 7 years there then moved to a grocery store operation for a couple of years. My last 5 years in the computer field were spent at a company that supplied software and support to the insurance industry, where I finally burned out and came back to the construction industry.

I enjoy the time I have to spend with my family, 3 daughters and a son, which has expanded out to 2 granddaughters, 5 grandsons and 2 great grandsons.

I even get to do some fishing and boating, when I’m not traveling with my wife (the love of my life).

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